Family Self Sufficiency

FSS does not jeopardize a family’s housing assistance. Participation in the FSS Program is voluntary. However, non-participating families can lose out on receiving a wider range of opportunities that may help to improve their future.

  • A voluntary five-year program open to all families receiving Section 8 and Public Housing assistance through the HSHA

  • Established through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • Designed to assist families achieve and sustain economic mobility and stability


The Head of Household enters into a 5-year contract with the HSHA that includes a plan with employment goals and identifies training or education needs and services necessary to achieve the goals.

  • The FSS Coordinator helps families obtain services listed in their plans and supports or coaches families while they complete their goals.
  • The HSHA establishes escrow savings accounts when families increase their earned incomes.

Show Me the Money!

When the FSS participant’s portion of the rent goes up due to an increase in earnings, HSHA provides funding to match the amount of the increase and then places the money in an escrow savings account. When the FSS contract is completed, the family receives the accumulate funds with interest.


  • Provide access to education, training and workshops focusing on life
    skills and self improvement
  • Offer community resources and referrals
  • Provide opportunities to achieve individual goals
  • Escrow savings opportunity

To Successfully Complete the FSS Program identified goals are to be  achieved. Participants have up to
five years to achieve the final goal for suitable employment. Suitable employment is based on the skills, education and job training of that individual and the availability of job opportunities.

FSS Achievements
  • Earned GED/Diploma
  • Earned training certificates and/or degrees
  • Obtained employment
  • Built escrow balances with average monthly deposits of $200
  • Saved thousands of dollars on money used to pay rent
  • Become homeowners
  • Improved self-esteem, self-motivation and time management
  • Improved credit



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Phone: 501-624-4420